21 Masculine Quotes From The Viking Havamal

Frenchman Jean-Batave Poqueliche extracts some Viking wisdom of old:

Become not

a beggar

to the money you make.

What’s saved for a friend

a foe may take

Good plans often go awry.

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The Seasons Of Man

Quintus and I conducted our second neomasculine dialogue concerning the changes that a man goes through as he gains experience and wisdom.

You say to me, “How will I know when to transition to a new season? How will I know where to search for answers?” There are some events in our lives that are known immediately to be life-changing; but more often, the process will be a gradual, slow awakening to the fact that the old paradigm needs to be shifted to something new.


The answers to these questions can only be found by a long period of self-examination that embraces the following activities: (1) a wide-ranging reading in the philosophic classics; (2) travel and immersion in other cultures; and (3) the study of history, with an emphasis on the biographies of great men.


The active, seeking mind will absorb all of these lessons, and make the necessary connections and inferences. This is a gradual process that takes time; there is generally no Archimedean “eureka” moment.

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4 Morning Rituals For Neomasculine Men

David Garrett shares some helpful ways to start your day:

How you spend the first three hours of your day is the lynchpin for how the rest of it goes. You can try blind luck as a means of maximizing your day, just hoping that flow or productivity will come your way. Or you can harness the power of these four simple methods, based on common sense divisions of different areas of your life.

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Why Russia Is Becoming A More Attractive Place For Neomasculine Men To Call Home

From Arson Greyer:

A man who (wisely) chooses to leave the Western world today for greener pastures in the east has to be conscientious of the likelihood and timeline of their new home inheriting the pernicious and debilitating cultural Marxism and feminism of the west. A man moving to a place like Poland (or even Western Ukraine) today moves with the knowledge that these countries are on the trajectory towards Westernization and will very likely one day become unhealthy and hostile for a man to live and thrive in.


Due to their history and a variety of current cultural factors, places like Poland will still take a number of years to get anywhere near the DEFCOCK levels of America or the UK. One who chooses to live in an “on the trajectory” nation like Poland today does so by making a calculation that it may be, say, 5-10 years behind the levels of feminism in Western Europe and that it is still worth it to enjoy the particular benefits of this society during the decline, while they still remain. It is a temporary reprieve rather than a long-term fix to the problems men face in the west.


Enter Russia.

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3 Ways To Cultivate The Discipline Of A Neomasculine Lifestyle

From David Garrett:

All men can achieve great things, but few men do. Why? They lack the discipline to work hard, challenge and then eliminate their fears, and constantly extricate themselves from the always present contagion of personal complacency. It is a good bet that most ROK readers will not go further than a week or two in applying the kinds of measures I will describe here to increase and consolidate their discipline. Even amongst self-described neomasculinists, the red pillers of the red pillers, the majority will fall short, indeed far short of the mark.


You must treat your life like that of a professional athlete. The difference is, though, that you’re your own coach as well. And your life extends well beyond the domain of sports. Your life is your discipline and how you apply it in all facets of your life. Consider your neomasculine beliefs as the rocket and your discipline as the fuel. Use the following three strategies (and adapt your own) to ensure that the ideology you know and love on ROK isn’t just a pipe dream you live out on the internet several times a week. You must live what you support, not passively read it.

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How We Can Use Sun Tzu’s Strategies To Implement Neomasculine Principles

From Harlan Blackwood:

Although neomasculinity is perhaps morally and scientifically sound, we are still left wondering if it is even possible to implement within our lifetimes to help ensure the happiness and security of our offspring. It perhaps is, but it would be a monumental task requiring massive organization, time, planning, and balls.


I propose that rather than relying on anecdotal tactics, let’s turn to the master of war tactics himself, Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War could serve as a practical guide to legal and nonviolent policy implementation. It is required reading for military generals and businessmen alike. Because of the enormity of this task, for now I’d like to examine only the first of thirteen chapters, called “Laying Plans.” This is a pre-battle assessment of the playing field. It gives us an idea of whether or not we are a force to be reckoned with, and if not how we can improve our station.

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Welcome To Poznan Institute

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