Below is a listing of articles, audio, and video that we feel add to the neomasculine canon.

By Roosh or Quintus:

What Is Neomasculinity? by Roosh. The founding document of neomasculinity lists its twenty most important points.

Neomasculinity is a new term that uses old ways of helping men live in a virtuous manner while catering to the masculine side of their biological nature. It gives men the practical tools to receive the benefits possible with a male existence while living in natural harmony with women and improving the sustainability and value of their societies.

Commentary On The Theses Of Roosh V’s Article “What Is Neomasculinity”? by Quintus. Additional elaboration of the points made in the founding document.

Its twenty theses codify what are, or should be, the basic set of values with which men must intimately acquaint themselves, if they hope to make sense of their place in modern Western societies.


These twenty theses are not just invocations to short-term gain or physical self-improvement. They are something much more profound.

The Origins Of Neomasculinity by Quintus. This article details the cultural foundations that neomasculinity originated from.

…while neomasculinity rejects the “counter culture” nonsense of the 1960s and 70s, it also rejects the nihilism and despair of the 1990s and 2000s. Neomasculinity is action and hope, not resignation or despair. It is a deeply positive worldview. It accepts the fact that the way forward will be a hard one. It is a profoundly revolutionary ideal, and it seeks nothing less than the redefining of men’s role in Western society.

The Ethical Principles Of Neomasculinity by Quintus. List of 16 principles that should guide neomasculinists.

8. The good man will accept as part of life all of the vicissitudes of fate: loss, failure, defeat, pain, and even death. He accepts all this, yet strives to transcend the pain of his earthly existence by aspiring to higher spiritual truths. Endurance of hardship must be a cornerstone of our belief system.

How Patriarchy Will Return by Roosh. The five stages of how a patriarchal society may again return to the Western world by the year 2075.

The return of patriarchy will essentially roll back what has been added since the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, and all the damage that the far left has caused since then. Neomasculinity, and those ideologies that overlap with it, will either triumph outright in America or be a big part of republics that form as a result of secession, and I can state this without exaggeration since the current narrative is already showing severe signs of stress that will lead to outright cultural collapse of nations that have foolishly adopted it.

By friends of neomasculinity:

Neomasculinity: The Male Backlash Against Toxic Women by Paul Joseph Watson. A summary of neomasculinity by an Info Wars journalist.

Why Russia Is Becoming A More Attractive Place For Neomasculine Men To Call Home by Arson Greyer. Russia is one of the few nations remaining that is compatible with neomasculine beliefs.

Russia presents intriguing future prospects for the modern neomasculine man because it is perhaps the only developed nation that is not “on the trajectory” towards Westernization. In fact, not only is Russia not on the trajectory Western feminization, but it is actively making strides in many areas to become more traditional and neomasculine than it is already.

Neomasculinity, MGTOW, Red Pill, and Game by Davis Aurini. A podcast discussion on the creation of neomasculinity and how it fulfills unmet needs.

An Endorsement of Roosh’s ‘Neomasculinity’ Manifesto by Matt Parrot. A follower of the “alternative right” shares why he believes neomasculinity is the path forward.

Contrary to what one might expect from a notorious pick-up artist, Roosh’s manifesto doesn’t promote or excuse sexual degeneracy. He offers us a practical path forward from it and back toward traditional monogamous pairings. Roosh’s manifesto doesn’t denigrate women. He makes the traditionalist argument for the sexes being of fundamentally equal value in complementary ways.