The aim of Dialogues is to explain, discover, or arrive at neomasculine truths through a Socratic style of dialogue. Each dialogue will cover a specific topic.

“A New Beginning” by Roosh and Quintus. The first dialogue took place soon after neomasculinity was revealed to the public.

History is replete with examples of minorities acting, against unfavorable odds, as the catalysts for positive change. The truth cannot be denied forever: an edifice built on a foundation of sand must, sooner or later, obey the inescapable laws of historical gravity. Remember that the greatest mass movements in history were begun by a conviction born of blind faith, supported by the winds and currents of fortune. We go the way that our convictions take us, and adopt the assurance born of instinct. Even modest success can be achieved just by showing men that there is an explanation for their predicament, and a prescription for their health.

“The Seasons Of Man” by Roosh and Quintus. The second dialogue took place after Roosh was attacked by the Canadian establishment for holding lectures in Montreal and Toronto.

One glaring absence I find from self-improvement literature for men is on making the transition from one season to the next. Everyone can give men tips on how to meet women or how to make money, but no one talks about what to do when you no longer get joy from the same behaviors or actions that you spent so many years mastering, and how to approach a change in the seasons.