6 Questions You Must Answer Before Preventing The Downfall Of Your Society

It’s not prudent to¬†start fighting¬†before doing an analysis of yourself and that of your society:

Politically speaking, who are the enemies? Feminists and the progressive left, or the elites (governments, banks, media, and corporations) who control them? What are you going to do about them? There are some of you who think the two are one and the same, but I disagree. The Occupy protests have shown that the left has beef with the Elites as well.


Are the Elites keeping their power and control over us by employing a divide and conquer strategy with the left and the right? If so, are you willing to make a temporary, unholy alliance with the left?


Are you going to relax and enjoy the decline or will you try your best to accelerate it? Is collapse the only way for a real change or is it possible to turn things around peacefully and smoothly?

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