How To Apply Neomasculinity To Raising A Child

Many men have an end goal of raising children. Here is one way to go about it:

Not too long ago I had to attend an obligatory sporting event for the children at my school. Each participant was rewarded medals solely for their participation. If you do not see anything wrong with this, then you represent one of the many brainwashed masses conditioned to believe everyone is a winner just for showing up.


Instead we should be helping today’s children realize the plethora of untapped potential they inherently possess, not instilling this level of subconscious complacency that governs their demeanor. I cannot speak on the future of females to come but there was once a time that boys were brought up to be men.


It is bewildering how being urbane has been traded in for man buns and other androgynous trends. Whether you plan on starting a family, have a job that pertains to dealing with children, or have been recently introduced to the red pill, be the walking advertisement for how men should be.

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