Masculine Strengths And Weaknesses In Germanic Tribes

Rick Moser takes a historical look into the Germanic tribes:

Tacitus presented barbarian hero Arminius as a pillar of masculinity. In the first century A.D., the Roman empire swept across Europe until one man stood up to them. Due to his intimate knowledge of Rome’s military, Arminius subverted the empire and ended their conquest.


Defeated tribal chiefs were forced to give up their firstborn sons to Rome as hostages in case their tribe attempted a rebellion. At a very young age, Arminius was given up by his father Segimer of the Cheruscans, and subsequently transported to Rome, where he received a classic education and military training to fight for Rome.


This story causes me to reflect. Do we not see a similar characteristic of today’s education system? Traditional parents are forced to put their children in public schools, where they are indoctrinated by social justice proponents to hate their parents and fight for a revolution. Is Rome’s strategy for conquest much different today?

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