Month: March 2016

How To Securely Communicate And Meet With Thought Criminals

After the meetup outrage of February 2016, it’s time we take stronger security precautions when communicating and meeting: Men on RVF have been meeting for years. This was primarily done through the private messaging system where personal email… Read More

6 Questions You Must Answer Before Preventing The Downfall Of Your Society

It’s not prudent to start fighting before doing an analysis of yourself and that of your society: Politically speaking, who are the enemies? Feminists and the progressive left, or the elites (governments, banks, media, and corporations) who control them? What… Read More

What Type Of Future Can Young Men Look Forward To?

The future is looking increasingly bleak for young men: On Christmas Day I spent time with four of my male cousins, ranging in age from 15 to 24. While I’m not quite their mentor, they are receptive to… Read More

59 Powerful Quotes That Reveal The True Nature Of Women

Corey Savage shows that men of old fully realized the natural tendencies of women:   “She is at the mercy of circumstances just as the sand is at the mercy of the wind;” whilst we are further told… Read More

How Patriarchy Will Return

I propose a mechanism whereby patriarchy will return to the Western world: There are many paths to truth, and once a man has attained what he believes is the correct reality, he will execute one of two options:… Read More

How To Apply Neomasculinity To Raising A Child

Many men have an end goal of raising children. Here is one way to go about it: Not too long ago I had to attend an obligatory sporting event for the children at my school. Each participant was rewarded… Read More

How One Of King Arthur’s Tales Shows A Vital Masculine Lesson

ROK’s resident monk Aurelius Moner shares an important story: On New Year’s Eve a young King Arthur is at court with his merry knights and their ladies, in the middle of Christmastide feasting. Everyone has been served, but… Read More

How Men Are Being Socialized To Act Like Women

I write about the dangers of spending too much time with women: Thanks to feminism, and the penis envy it installs in women, men no longer have spaces where females are not present. They have invaded education and… Read More

Masculine Strengths And Weaknesses In Germanic Tribes

Rick Moser takes a historical look into the Germanic tribes: Tacitus presented barbarian hero Arminius as a pillar of masculinity. In the first century A.D., the Roman empire swept across Europe until one man stood up to them. Due… Read More