The Seasons Of Man

Quintus and I conducted our second neomasculine dialogue concerning the changes that a man goes through as he gains experience and wisdom.

You say to me, “How will I know when to transition to a new season? How will I know where to search for answers?” There are some events in our lives that are known immediately to be life-changing; but more often, the process will be a gradual, slow awakening to the fact that the old paradigm needs to be shifted to something new.


The answers to these questions can only be found by a long period of self-examination that embraces the following activities: (1) a wide-ranging reading in the philosophic classics; (2) travel and immersion in other cultures; and (3) the study of history, with an emphasis on the biographies of great men.


The active, seeking mind will absorb all of these lessons, and make the necessary connections and inferences. This is a gradual process that takes time; there is generally no Archimedean “eureka” moment.

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