Why Russia Is Becoming A More Attractive Place For Neomasculine Men To Call Home

From Arson Greyer:

A man who (wisely) chooses to leave the Western world today for greener pastures in the east has to be conscientious of the likelihood and timeline of their new home inheriting the pernicious and debilitating cultural Marxism and feminism of the west. A man moving to a place like Poland (or even Western Ukraine) today moves with the knowledge that these countries are on the trajectory towards Westernization and will very likely one day become unhealthy and hostile for a man to live and thrive in.


Due to their history and a variety of current cultural factors, places like Poland will still take a number of years to get anywhere near the DEFCOCK levels of America or the UK. One who chooses to live in an “on the trajectory” nation like Poland today does so by making a calculation that it may be, say, 5-10 years behind the levels of feminism in Western Europe and that it is still worth it to enjoy the particular benefits of this society during the decline, while they still remain. It is a temporary reprieve rather than a long-term fix to the problems men face in the west.


Enter Russia.

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  • TSK

    I had few encounter with fresh off the boat Russians before in the states and I noticed that the way they act is really different from Americans. Compared to Americans, Russians weren’t afraid to call out what it is for what it is (not politically correct) and would actually throw down good fight. They aren’t all smiley smiley and their stoic poker face makes people think they are angry when they are not. Well for the most part people couldn’t tell if they were angry or not. I realized I had similar characteristics with the Russians and I enjoyed hanging out with them for the most part because they could understand me better. That was long time ago that I remember; I don’t know if much changed for today.

  • Giorgi

    I guess sucking Putin’s and Zhirinovsky’s dicks comes with a price, a hefty price might I add.