3 Ways To Cultivate The Discipline Of A Neomasculine Lifestyle

From David Garrett:

All men can achieve great things, but few men do. Why? They lack the discipline to work hard, challenge and then eliminate their fears, and constantly extricate themselves from the always present contagion of personal complacency. It is a good bet that most ROK readers will not go further than a week or two in applying the kinds of measures I will describe here to increase and consolidate their discipline. Even amongst self-described neomasculinists, the red pillers of the red pillers, the majority will fall short, indeed far short of the mark.


You must treat your life like that of a professional athlete. The difference is, though, that you’re your own coach as well. And your life extends well beyond the domain of sports. Your life is your discipline and how you apply it in all facets of your life. Consider your neomasculine beliefs as the rocket and your discipline as the fuel. Use the following three strategies (and adapt your own) to ensure that the ideology you know and love on ROK isn’t just a pipe dream you live out on the internet several times a week. You must live what you support, not passively read it.

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  • TSK

    I like the #1 from that link. Writing down what you do. I would add this. I usually make a “to-do” list at each night time (to prepare the to do list for tomorrow morning) so when I wake up I already have my to-do list and get the important things done first hand in the morning when I’m awake. And then from there you get a habit of doing the most important things first to get that out of the way and also prevents you from possible procrastination. Nice website; I’m thinking this is like an off-shoot from RoK?