How We Can Use Sun Tzu’s Strategies To Implement Neomasculine Principles

From Harlan Blackwood:

Although neomasculinity is perhaps morally and scientifically sound, we are still left wondering if it is even possible to implement within our lifetimes to help ensure the happiness and security of our offspring. It perhaps is, but it would be a monumental task requiring massive organization, time, planning, and balls.


I propose that rather than relying on anecdotal tactics, let’s turn to the master of war tactics himself, Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War could serve as a practical guide to legal and nonviolent policy implementation. It is required reading for military generals and businessmen alike. Because of the enormity of this task, for now I’d like to examine only the first of thirteen chapters, called “Laying Plans.” This is a pre-battle assessment of the playing field. It gives us an idea of whether or not we are a force to be reckoned with, and if not how we can improve our station.

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