7 Ways The Realities Of Modern Culture Are Destroying Men

Unless you’re consciously resisting modern ways of living, your masculinity is being eroded:

Any man who has taken the red pill is acutely aware of the reality of what modern dating and society holds for him. But he, along with many others who remain ignorant, are not necessarily aware of the way they’ve been changing as a response to the unnatural conditions they find themselves in. While many have changed for the better after having been enlightened, there are many others who continue to struggle by being stuck in a single phase—perhaps for the rest of their lives.

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How To Securely Communicate And Meet With Thought Criminals

After the meetup outrage of February 2016, it’s time we take stronger security precautions when communicating and meeting:

Men on RVF have been meeting for years. This was primarily done through the private messaging system where personal email addresses and phone numbers were exchanged. Because of the additional heat that is on us, and the fact that messages sent on the forum are not encrypted, I no longer advise you to share personal details on the forum, even through private messages. Instead, you need to set up these two means of communication…

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6 Questions You Must Answer Before Preventing The Downfall Of Your Society

It’s not prudent to start fighting before doing an analysis of yourself and that of your society:

Politically speaking, who are the enemies? Feminists and the progressive left, or the elites (governments, banks, media, and corporations) who control them? What are you going to do about them? There are some of you who think the two are one and the same, but I disagree. The Occupy protests have shown that the left has beef with the Elites as well.


Are the Elites keeping their power and control over us by employing a divide and conquer strategy with the left and the right? If so, are you willing to make a temporary, unholy alliance with the left?


Are you going to relax and enjoy the decline or will you try your best to accelerate it? Is collapse the only way for a real change or is it possible to turn things around peacefully and smoothly?

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What Type Of Future Can Young Men Look Forward To?

The future is looking increasingly bleak for young men:

On Christmas Day I spent time with four of my male cousins, ranging in age from 15 to 24. While I’m not quite their mentor, they are receptive to lessons I give them. With any man I talk to, I try to identify where he is in life and what his unique situation is to give advice that I think will help him reach his next goal. This year, however, I had trouble giving much in the way of advice or motivation.

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59 Powerful Quotes That Reveal The True Nature Of Women

Corey Savage shows that men of old fully realized the natural tendencies of women:


“She is at the mercy of circumstances just as the sand is at the mercy of the wind;” whilst we are further told that, “although woman reads and studies endlessly, her thought is always an afterthought.”


The Russian is of the same opinion, for, according to him, “a woman’s hair is long, but her sense short,” and “a dog is wiser than a woman, he does not bark at his master.”


Tamil proverbial wisdom declares that “the skill of a woman only goes so far as the fireplace”—in other words, cleverness is no use to a woman outside domestic affairs.

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How Patriarchy Will Return

I propose a mechanism whereby patriarchy will return to the Western world:

There are many paths to truth, and once a man has attained what he believes is the correct reality, he will execute one of two options: (1) escape from the effects of the oppressive narrative by structuring his lifestyle to avoid its most severe faults, or (2) try to impose his righteous narrative upon society.


I tried the first option by expatriating to foreign lands, but have soon watched large components of that narrative follow me, most commonly through Western technology. I have moved to option two by actively resisting efforts of the far left narrative that is currently dominant in the West. Seed resistance can come in many forms…

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How To Apply Neomasculinity To Raising A Child

Many men have an end goal of raising children. Here is one way to go about it:

Not too long ago I had to attend an obligatory sporting event for the children at my school. Each participant was rewarded medals solely for their participation. If you do not see anything wrong with this, then you represent one of the many brainwashed masses conditioned to believe everyone is a winner just for showing up.


Instead we should be helping today’s children realize the plethora of untapped potential they inherently possess, not instilling this level of subconscious complacency that governs their demeanor. I cannot speak on the future of females to come but there was once a time that boys were brought up to be men.


It is bewildering how being urbane has been traded in for man buns and other androgynous trends. Whether you plan on starting a family, have a job that pertains to dealing with children, or have been recently introduced to the red pill, be the walking advertisement for how men should be.

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How One Of King Arthur’s Tales Shows A Vital Masculine Lesson

ROK’s resident monk Aurelius Moner shares an important story:

On New Year’s Eve a young King Arthur is at court with his merry knights and their ladies, in the middle of Christmastide feasting. Everyone has been served, but Arthur has the custom of not eating his first meal of the year until he has heard a tale of some marvel or feat.


Suddenly a gigantic man, green from head to toe, with green eyes and beard, on a green horse, rides into the hall and challenges the “beardless young lads” (a knock at the fresh youth of Arthur and his knights) to a game: he will let one man of the hall take a swing at his head with his great, green axe; but on New Year’s day of the coming year, that man must come to find him at the Green Chapel, and offer his neck to the axe in turn.

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How Men Are Being Socialized To Act Like Women

I write about the dangers of spending too much time with women:

Thanks to feminism, and the penis envy it installs in women, men no longer have spaces where females are not present. They have invaded education and workplaces at all levels. They are present in coffee houses, formerly male clubs, and even barber shops. Not only are men no longer able to “practice” being a man around other men without fear of offending the opposite sex, they are unconsciously picking up female mannerisms and ideas at the same time that females are picking up on male mannerisms.


Because the sexes are not segregated, women are becoming masculinized and men are becoming feminized. This is greatly harming male development and creating a generation of feminized men who are confused about their identity and masculinity.

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Masculine Strengths And Weaknesses In Germanic Tribes

Rick Moser takes a historical look into the Germanic tribes:

Tacitus presented barbarian hero Arminius as a pillar of masculinity. In the first century A.D., the Roman empire swept across Europe until one man stood up to them. Due to his intimate knowledge of Rome’s military, Arminius subverted the empire and ended their conquest.


Defeated tribal chiefs were forced to give up their firstborn sons to Rome as hostages in case their tribe attempted a rebellion. At a very young age, Arminius was given up by his father Segimer of the Cheruscans, and subsequently transported to Rome, where he received a classic education and military training to fight for Rome.


This story causes me to reflect. Do we not see a similar characteristic of today’s education system? Traditional parents are forced to put their children in public schools, where they are indoctrinated by social justice proponents to hate their parents and fight for a revolution. Is Rome’s strategy for conquest much different today?

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